Carlotta Mascolo


Italian artist, passionate about Children's Book, Studio Ghibli, Disney, watercolors, gouaches, but maily animation. 

I've been teaching in a Comics School animation for 3 years and started doing online classes avaiable on the website.

Founder of Camdora in 2014, I've started growing my business later on in London opening a shop in Camden Market and now here online. 

I'm always trying to be there if my customers have any issues and I'm always open to chats and new ideas! 

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Spiros Olivotos (Sidus)

Marketing/Sound Designer

Huge Marketing Help, but mainly our music soul for our videos and compositor. 

Spiros makes sound of our contents unique.

I always had the idea of combining someone's music and art and this time the two elements where finally able to comunicate well! 


Giuseppe Furbatto

Media Creator/Photographer

Professional videomaker, talented artists, all his photographies give a magic touch to this page. 

Giuseppe is an incredible creative person, since he arrived the all concept of my shop changed and became fresh and new.

Teamworker and always open to new ideas, he make us able to comunicate with some of our customers around the world talking 5 different languages.


Roberta Liuzzi

Marketing Team

Funny, talented and always ready for new strategies, Roberta always believed in my art and made it grow like nobody before.

Passionate about art ,she knows what to research and what to reasearch, able to make your contents explode !