Welcome Everyone!

Hi guys, I've been thinking for a long time to open a blog, to talk about my passions and art.

I think when someone comes to an art shop/website wants to know the "behind the scene" too :D :D

I want to tell you more about myself :D

I'm a 28 years old Italian illustrator, born in Taranto, a tiny cute sea-place in the South of Italy, very cute, but with not really many chances or artistic movement.

Lucky enough, my grandpa was an incredible illustrator, he didn't even know how brilliant his work was ( I'll probably dedicate one of my posts to his art) and my grandma was an incredible oil painter, making amazing landscapes and compositions.

I remember growing up in their art studios(yup, they didn't share one, apparently they wanted to paint apart from each other's , who knows why) , watching them using oils, brushes, inks, weird papers, canvases and anything you can think about.

When I was 2, they gave me my first tiny tiny canvas, the colour palette and from that moment I haven't stopped.

As I grew up, I've had to chose the University I wanted to attend, but I wasn't brave enough to just say "I want to be an artist, I don't care about anything else", so I've chosen Italian Literature , thinking I like writing too, maybe it could be a good idea.

After 1 year, giving exams and getting stressed, I was going for a walk, when suddenly I've noticed a weird looking shop....

Now, when I say weird, I mean "good weird", I was fascinated by that dark fashion atelier, I still remember the smell coming through the main door, the smell of antique.

After a little hesitation, I walked in, saying "Hi " to who seemed a really annoyed guy at the till that didn't answer me.

Not paying attention to the guy, I went for a walk around, falling in love with every single bit of that place and when I walked downstairs.... I've seen another guy designing a dress, surrounded by antique clothes (even from 1800/1850).

That shop, called "1900" was a real fashion museum, in the middle of the south of Italy!

Now, to be short, I became friend with the two guys and discovered how artistically amazing they were !

Everything they did was so clever and unique, they did not care about anything and anyone's opinion, just following their dreams and heart and I just wanted to do the same!

Thanks to my auntie, I was lucky enough to study Special Effects, Vfx and Animation in Rome, it took a bit of time for my parents to get use to the idea, but I was finally starting to learn something closer to what I am.

After teaching animation and graphic design in two Comics School in Italy, I decided to move away, fed up with being in a small place with no opportunities and I moved first to Brighton, then London.

I'll dedicate an entire post to London, but I can start saying that my "business career" started selling my drawing on the benches in Brighton, then after working for an Animation Company in London, I decided to work for myself and learn how to become independent.

My main passion, watercolours, came later.... I've started mainly with digital painting, going around Comicons, B-Geeks and comics events around the world and finally 3 years ago, I got my first shop in Camden Market till now :D

I mainly work online for the actual condition , selling my paintings on Etsy and here on the Website and I hope to get back to "normal" as soon as possible.

This was a little bit of myself guys, I will try to write more and more now that I finally have a blog, telling you more about everything :D

Thank you so much for reading my Story and see you veeeery soon!


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