New Projects Coming up!

Hi everyone! :D :D

I feel like I haven't been sitting down, relaxing and writing something for years, and I have so many news !

So, to start with, I wanted to announce that I'm back active creating creative contents for my Patreon, references with cute animals, something I've always struggled to find !

So I thought, why not, I can create some, I love drawing pets and I have a collection of colours of any kind I really want to try out !

I've tried some Ecoline and some Sennelier (my favourite so far !) with some coloured pencils to give a bit of variety , like this one:

I'm really looking forward to see and hear what you think, if you like the idea of the references !

After seeing over 200 savings for each of them on Instagram, I definitely decided to continue :D

You can follow me on my Patreon to support my art:

Another big news, is that I'm working on a book with the Inktober's Illustrations, there is a story behind them and I can't wait for the book to be finished !

I wish I've already had a picture of what it looks like, but it will come soon :D

I've been working with a Shoe Company called Palola for some super cute shoes design, they seriously have amazing products, definitely to check out !

I'm obsessed with shoes, so... I've put two passions together.

They seriously created some amazing postcards!

I really hope you like them as much as I do and I'm so looking forward for the Valentines Cards :D

I'll also be more constant posting on the blog, showing you what's happening in this little crazy coloured world of mine xD!!

Let me know in the comments which animals poses you'd also like to see :D