Happy Easter everyone!

Hi everyone and Happy Easter!

I hope you've been celebrating at least eating a lot of food and chocolate like I did ( and I'll not regret it😝) !

I'm quiet sure all of us are struggling in a way or another during these uncertain times and being a freelance artist is not really the easiest thing in the world , also being far from my friends and family is the hardest bit , but I'm still trying to put all the emotions and effort I can in every single one of my paintings.

Many of you have asked me how I can do this, living from my art and my answer can only be :it's becoming hard, especially this year, but I'm such a stubborn person and the ones who had known me from my shop in Camden could see how determined I've always been and I'm always trying to push my limits, learn more and more and I'll not stop in any case, so I suppose just always finding new ways to create.

After attending a few animation courses in 2016, I came across different work opportunities, more as an Illustrator and Storyboarder, less as an animator, so I've never really showed anyone what I really love.

That's why, during this pandemic situation, having more time at home, I've started again with some traditional animation like this one , very quick in TVPaint :

Trying to study a Butterly flight with some prospective, but definitely something I'll had to extend and finish !

I love watching documentaries before I draw the animation poses and I'll admit that I still like sketching a few on paper before I really do anything else .

Another animation that took me a bit longer because of all the elements to animate is this one, this time realised with Clip Studio Paint, such a brilliant and cheap software I'm loving:

The movements of this bird was slightly different compared to other birds and I wanted the little mouse to repeat the action of taking the binocular at his head and I've been quiet happy with the result .

But the most important thing I wanted to tell you in this post is that the book I've been working on is almost ready and I've got the chance to realise an animation especially for the launch that I really wanted to show you :

I have many many animations I want to realise and I'm so looking forward to share them with you guys! 🥰

What about you guys ?

Let me know in the comments how you've been and let me know if you'd like to see the animations updates !


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